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Internet/Social Media Safety and Digital Literacy Education 101 For Tweens, Teens and Young Adults 

Grades 6-8 and 9-12

Helping Students To Pro-Actively Understand The Enabling Power Of Digital Technology and Mobile Communications, But Also How To Mitigate The Sometimes UnIntended Consequences Of High Risk/Un-Desirable On-Line Behaviour  


It has been estimated that there are approximately 3 billion people on-line, a large segment of which are children, tweens, teens, and young adults. In fact, mobile communications has now outnumbered both desktop and laptop computers as the number one way that our kids are connecting on-line.  As the Internet continues to grow in popularity, we are depending upon it at an increasing rate to conduct everyday life, which also includes the sharing of private and at times very sensitive information about ourselves with others on-line knowingly, and at times unknowingly. Many who are now on-line use the Internet for communication, education, entertainment, research, socializing, business and commerce. There is no doubt that the Internet and Social Media have facilitated important positive connections and amazing accomplishments amongst our youth. In fact, teens are the primary producers of web content and want to share their ideas, thoughts and pictures with others on-line.  It is a reality however, that the Internet (just like the real world) has also created an on-line virtual environment where thieves, vandals, conartists, and in rare cases sexual predators, will hunt their prey. Unfortunately many tweens, teens and young adults who are using the Internet and Social Media, are not always taking the appropriate safety precautions to help mitigate the risks from those who might want to victimize others on-line for personal gain. Our pro-active multiple award winning Social Media/Internet Safety and Digital Literacy 101 presentation for schools, will provide the needed information that will help to keep students safer, increase their privacy and protect their on-line digital footprint. We cover 10 foundational categories specific to the topic of online safety and digital literacy,  which is compliant with "BC’s Digital Literacy Framework”  for schools, which includes:

#1:   Safety, Security and Privacy

#2:   Ethics, Empathy and Judgement

#3:   Consumer/User Awareness and Self Image Identity

#4:   Emotional, Psychological and Physical Health

#5:   Information Search and Verification

#6:   Etiquette, Community Engagement and Relationships

#7:   Content Collection, Remixing and Publishing

#8:   Reputation

#9:   Digital Peer Aggression and Sexting

#10: Laws, Rights and Responsibilities  

 Topics Discussed In This  Presentation Include:

What is the Internet and Social Networking

Internet and Social Media stats and fact

Teens and their emerging on-line trends

On-line Ethics/Values

On-line media literacy and critical thinking

Plagerism and Copyright Law specific to downloading on-line

What are Chat Rooms, Instant Messaging, and SMS/MMS texting and how to stay safe while using them

Cell phone/ Smart Phone and Web Cam safety

What is your "digital dossier" and how students are placing their reputation and privacy at risk when on-line 

Why future employeers, colleges and universities are checking a student's digital dossier

Things students can do immediately to protect their digital dossier & online reputation

Emotional, psychological and physical challenges surrounding on-line addictions to pornography, gaming and gambling

The good and bad of Social Networks such as "Facebook", "Twitter", "Skype", "Tumblr" ,"Instagram", "Snapchat", and “"

The increasing popularity of Geo-Social Apps like “Saraha”, “Whisper”, “Parlor”, “Jott” & “MYLOL"

How teens are using broadcasting Apps such as “Periscope” “Facebook Live” and “House Party"

Real-life case examples of Internet/Social Media/technology mis-use and good-use

How to secure your Social Networks

"Mobile" the new frontier for Internet access and Social Networking

The Good and Bad Of Mobile Apps

Why students need to consider that everything they do on-line is public, permanent and searchable no matter what their privacy settings

Safe Blogging

On-line sexual predation, a "rarity" but still a "reality" students need to be aware of

The Predator's "grooming" process and the "lures" they use in Chat Rooms and Social Networks

How the Internet predator uses "Social Engineering" to build rapport

Actual Social Engineering examples using Facebook and Snapchat

What is Cyber Bullying/Digital Peer Aggression and what can be done to control it

What is Sexting and what can be done to control it

The law as it relates to Cyber Bullying and Sexting and their unintended consequences

Where to turn for help both on-line & off-line regarding peer aggression, sexting gone wrong and depression

Why schools have a part to play


Dr. Sameer Hinduja

Cyberbullying Research Center


Education is the first step in keeping our kids safer in this technology-driven world. Technology is only a tool, we can determine its function & value because it's a conscious choice to do so. Research has shown however, that without good digital literacy education, it becomes more challenging for students to make the right on-line choices. This multiple award winning presentation is designed to provide students with pro-active “reflective" on-line "critical thinking" and "decision making" strategies, that youth can immediately put to good use.  Knowledge and the understanding and application of that knowledge is power. Our presentation provides the knowledge, information and empowerment, based upon academically peer reviewed research, case studies and relevant real world examples that tweens, teens and young adults need to know. The goal of our program; to educate students on how to be safer and become more digitally literate, savvy and resilient while participating in the on-line world. To date, over 400 schools and 370,000 students (and growing) in the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Washington State have heard our very unique and empowering message in the past 36 months. Bring us in to present and experience why students, teachers, principals, parents and law enforcement internationally have all agreed, that our program is one of the best they have heard on the topics of Internet/Social Media Safety and digital citizenship. As one very experienced BC teacher recently stated about our program, "one of the most powerful and impactful presentations I have heard in my teaching career !!!” 

Shaw TV Segment On Our Internet and Social Medial Safety Program

We love the fact that we are "disrupting" how Social Media Safety and Digital Literacy has traditionally been presented in schools, which has garnered us some critics, especially from those who see us as their competition. Our approach to sharing our information on this topic is “different”, and very  “current",   when compared to others in our industry, something that we are very proud of and why our programs have received 5 awards. We love what we do, and how we do it !!!

The "Top 10" reasons why our school program is so different from those being offered by other companies and organizations 


#1)  Darren has dedicated his life to public safety, and is both a provincial and nationally decorated law enforcement professional, and recently retired from the Victoria Police Department as a highly respected Staff Sergeant with over 30yrs of policing experience.  Darren has a strong interest/background in on-line and social media investigations, and is a BC Security Services Act Licensed Certified Advanced Open Source Intelligence / Social Media Investigator,. Darren is an internationally court recognized personal safety expert, published award winning author and a highly sought after public/keynote speaker who specializes in the area of Personal Safety both on-line and off-line. Darren is deeply immersed in social media, both on and off the job, has been teaching digital safety for the past 12 years and has written hundreds of articles and a book on Internet and Social Media safety and security. No other company or program can bring the passion, on-line credentials, "real world” police investigative experience and the years of "learned" perspective that we can to this topic, given our unique educational and professional background. Find our Bio here.


Kathy Weymiller, director of community outreach for Peninsula School District

#2)  While others in our industry seek out police endorsements, or advertise that they have or do work with law enforcement, "WE ARE" current or past law enforcement professionals, and bring this experience and pedigree to all of our programs. There is a difference !!!

#3)  We are recognized industry leaders/experts in the fields of Internet and Social Media Safety and digital literacy training. Students, teachers, principals, parents, counsellors and law enforcement throughout British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and the United States have all agreed that our presentation was the “best" and most "in-depth" they have heard on the topic of Internet and Social Media safety. Our Internet and Social Media safety presentation stands out as "the must have" program for Jr and Sr high school students in our province, thus why our program has now been heard by more Secondary Schools, and has won more awards, than any other program in British Columbia over the past several years.  Click here for actual feedback and testimonials on our program. 

#4)  Our work in the area of Internet/Social Media Safety was recognized with the prestigious 2013 Social Media Derek K Miller Award  (most inspiring social media user), for our unique work in the area of Internet/Social Media Safety both here in Canada and the United States. We are the only Company in Canada, to be recently recognized by a very respected panel of  independent North American Social Media Experts for our work in this area. In 2014, The Governor General of Canada appointed Darren a Member of the Canadian Order of Merit. Awarded to Darren for his exceptional merit and contributions in his policing career, community service, and his unique off-duty work with youth in both online and offline safety. In 2015 Darren and Beth were also awarded the very prestigious British Columbia Community Achievement Award, for their commitment to providing critical information to students in the areas of Interent and Social Media safety and digital literacy. In October 2015 Darren also received the 2015 Telus Outstanding Canadian Police Officer/Program Award;National award that recognizes individuals, programs or organizations that have made a significant impact towards keeping Canadians safer online. In February 2017 The BC Government & Radius SFU awarded Brandon, with the 2017 BC Social Innovations Youth Award for his work and advocacy with youth, tweens, teens and adults in the areas of Social Media Safety and Digital Literacy 


#5)  We actually take the time to "Socially Engineer" students at the schools that we will be presenting at, and no other program does this to the depth that we do. Not only do we use "open source" Internet platforms to "screen scrape" or "creep" information, we also surreptitiously connect with students directly, via their social networks, which often results in us being invited in as a "friend", thus effectively demonstrating why a student needs to be careful about "friending" or "following" a person they have never met.   To prevent group peer embarrassment or shaming, we do not disclose or "call out" who those students are at the assembly, but we do use student examples from other schools to demonstrate the dangers of  TMI (too much information) as it relates to personal safety and privacy challenges when it comes to social media and the Internet.  We would encourage you to connect with any of the teaching staff at the schools that we have presented at (we can provide references upon request), and they will confirm the positive impact that our "White Hat" social engineering strategy had on their students.

#6)  Our program is not just about Social Media and Internet safety, it’s also about digital citizenship/literacy, on-line ethics, on-line critical thinking and  the challenges surrounding privacy (our digital dossier), cyber-bullying, sexting and what students can do now to protect their digital footprint (branding), so that their current on-line activities do not have a negative outcome on future college, university or job opportunities. The goal of our internet and Social Media safety program is not to instil fear or negate opportunities, rather the goal of our program is to enlighten, empower and enable students to make informed online choices. We show students how to build a positive on-line reputation. 

#7)  We stay current in everything we do, and we have documented evidence that our presentation positively changes Internet behavior.  We are also very proud of the fact that our Internet presentation has saved the lives of students, who were contemplating suicide/self harm as an option, because they were being targeted for cyber-bullying or sexting gone wrong issues. These students heard our empathetic message, reached out to us for help, and in each and every case (often working with their school) we were able to get them the help that they needed. No other program offers this unique on-line outreach for students.

#8)  At the conclusion of the presentation, Darren also offers his time and services for free to those students and teachers who contact him directly wanting to have their Social Network security settings checked.  If Darren identifies a problem, he provides one-on-one online coaching to make things more secure. Tens of thousands of students and hundreds of parents and teachers have taken Darren up on this offer.   No other company provides this free service to schools and their students. Given Darren's background, we have become an on-line resource for students, teachers and even parents who want or need to connect with us on issues or challenges specific to their on-line and even off-line activities, and this is something that we are very proud of.  Plain and simple students, teachers, parents and law enforcement internationally "trust" Darren and the information that he provides. 

#9) When we present, we speak “with” the students and not “at” the students. Our program is not just a presentation, but also an educational experience that involves all modalities of learning. Darren’s dynamic teaching style and professional background, combined with his extensive use of digital multi-media in the presentation, allows him to connect with students at an emotional, psychological and even a physical level. We present our information in a way that is direct, open, honest and empathetic. Our "real world" delivery of information is what makes our presentation so very different from all the other programs, and thus why it is so well received by students and staff. As one lower mainland grade 12 students stated, "I have seen the other Internet safety presentations from other presenters here at our school, but yours ROCKED !!!!!  Unlike the other presenters, you treated us like teens and young adults which we all appreciated.  You also get it and don't pull any punches, you spoke the truth and that is also something that we appreciated. Thank you so much for coming to our school !!!!"

#10)  We bring all our own equipment (lap top, projector, mic and auditorium sound system); all you need to provide is a table, screen and power chord/source. We also provide schools with "free" access to our Internet and Social Media safety on-line resource page for students, teachers and parents. We will travel anywhere in Canada or the United States to provide this very unique and empowering Internet and Social Media safety presentation.

Here's How Students Have Been Positively Impacted By Our  Program

Our Program Was Recognized By The BC Information & Privacy Commissioner, Elizabeth Denham,  In A Keynote Address 

"I read a wonderful story in the Victoria Times Colonist newspaper last month about a Victoria Police Staff Sergeant named Darren Laur who poses as a teen on Facebook in order to educate students about privacy and security.  Laur, who is 46, maintained a fake profile for over a year on Facebook using purchased pictures and information gleaned from the Facebook accounts of real teens. When he made a presentation at Cedar Community Secondary in Nanaimo last month, he had already friended 30 students at that school who had no idea that their "friend" was actually him.  He had done such a convincing job with the profile that one of the real teens even asked the fake teen out on a date.  When Laur revealed during the presentation that he was their friend, students were shocked and pledged to pay more attention to their privacy online." 

Here's What Students, Teachers, Parents, Counsellors and Law Enforcement Are Saying about Our Internet Safety Program

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Here's What The Media Are Saying About Our Internet Safety Programs

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Seminar Length:

2 hours, and yes we can hold the attention of Jr and Sr high school students for this length of time.  Don't believe us ?,  check out the testimonials from students, teachers and principals here or connect with us directly, and we will provide you with references that back up our claim.

Seminar Cost: 

Greater Victoria: $550.00 plus GST

Outside Greater Victoria: Please call for a quote


We are so confident that our program will meet and exceed expectations, we now offer a 100% money back guarantee on the seminar cost of our Internet Safety for schools program. If a school believes that our presentation did not provided their tweens, teens and young adults with important information to stay safer and become more digitally literate, savvy and resilient when online, we will refund the cost of the seminar, minus any travel expenses. We are the first and only Internet and Social Media safety company in Canada to offer this money back guarantee !!!

Class Size: 

Unlimited.  We have presented to audiences of 20 to 1600 students in size.

**SPECIAL**: Bundle an Internet school presentation with a parent's Internet presentation and receive a discount !!!

We Are Community Minded

Every year a portion of our profits are given back to the community to financially support two not-for-profit organizations who are dedicated to helping youth in need when it comes to bullying and suicide prevention; NEED2 and Bullying Ends Here.  We are proud of the fact that  "We are a for profit company, striving to do well, by doing good things for others in our community.” 


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