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Back To School & Tech 2017

Online Safety With KidsWifi

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CTV Waterloo Ontario

SET-BC & Ministry of Education

Shaw Cable Interview Social Media Safety For Schools

CKPG News Prince George Interview Social Media Safety For Schools

CKPG News Prince George Interview Social Media Safety For Schools

Shaw Cable Medicine Hat Interview Social Media For Schools

CHEK News Interview on CyberBullying

CHEK News Interview on the Kik App

CHEK News “Vital People” news clip

CBC Interview Specific to Sexting & Distribution Of Child Porn Conviction of a Teen In Canada

CTV Interview On Hacking and Privacy Challenges On-line

Darren Working With Digital Broadcast Students at

Clayburn Middle School

Brandon Speaking At A Ted-X Youth Conference About Mobile Safety

2015 CHEK News Interview on Facebook Security 

Radio Interviews

The April Social Networking Show on KDWN

CFAX 1070 Speaking About Our Social Media Safety Program (starts 07:00)

The June Social Networking Show on KDWN

Cyberbullying and Sexting Interview

CFAX 1070 Speaking About On-line Privacy Challenges (starts 09:00)

CBC Radio Talking about How To Keep Youth Safe On-line


CBC Radio Talking about Sexting

Ocean 98.5 Radio Interview

Newspaper. Magazine, On-line Articles

Article #1 "Is This Man Your Hot 15 Year Old Girlfriend"

Article #2 Ladysmith Chronicle "Cop Reaches Students About Internet Safety"

Article #3 Ladysmith Chronicle #2 "Parents and The Internet"

Article #4 TImes Colonist "The Perils Of Social Networks"

Article #5 Nanaimo Daily News "Cop Poses As Kid On Facebook"

Article #6 Mike Sherman Blog Article "Internet Safety 101"

Article #7 "Cop Teaches Lesson On Internet Safety"

Article #8 Online Blog "Cyberbullying You Are Not Anonymous As You Think"

Article #9 Alberni Valley Times "Internet Can Be Risky For Youth"

Article #10 Victoria News Group "Sexting Puts Youth At Risk"

Article #11 GNS News "Students Feedback"

Article #12 Alberni Times "Parents Key To Online Safety"

Article #13 "Cop Talks About Online Safety"

Article #14 "We Need To Be Our Own Online Editors"

Article #15 Brentwood College News "Cyber Safety For Students"

Article #16 Times Colonist "How Parents Can Reduce Bullying"

Article #17 Cowichan Valley News "On Guard For Cyberbullying"

Article #18 Abbotsford News "A Students Review Of Darren Laur's Presentation"

Article #19 Pique News Whistler "Parents Can Create Critical Thinking Online"

Article #20 Amanda's Blog Posting "The White Hatter"

Article #21 Identity Thieves Aren't Your Friends

Article #22 My Hero Project

Article #23 Times Colonist, There Is No Such Thing As Privacy On-line

Article #24: Abbotsford News Sept 2013, Info On Social Networks Is Never Private

Article #25: Brentwood College Presentation 2013

Article #26: SMU News Letter 2013

Article #27: The Uvic Martlet Oct 2013

Article #28: The Cowichan Valley Citizen

Article #29: The Cowichan News Leader

Article #30: BC School District #5 Feedback

Article #31:,  “The White Hatter” Empowers Students and Parents

Article #23: Medicine Hate Alberta News 2015

Article #24: RM Delisle Saskatchewan 2015

Article #25: Cypress Courier 2015

Article #26: Go Anacortes 2015

Article #27: Go Anacortes Part II 2015

Article #28: How To Keep Your Kids Safe Online

Artilce #29: Whidbey News-Times: An Internet Education

Article #30: Campbell River Mirror - There Is No Privacy 2016

Artilce #31: Creating A Positive Digital Footprint

Article #32: The White Hatter In SD#91 Nechako Lakes

Article #33: SET-BC & Ministry of Education

Article #34: Cybersecurity Expert gives advice to District Students 2016

Article #35: Back To School With The White Hatters 2016

Article #36: Mthow Valley News: Safe Navigation In WIde Open Digital World 2016

Article #37: Talk to Kids About Online Safety Times Colonist 2016

Article #38: Internet Safety Expert Talks To Students Dec 2016

Article #39: Social Media / Internet Safety 2017

Article #40: The White Hatter 2017

Article #41: Northern View: White Hatter Educates Rupert Students 2017

Article #42: Mounties investigate 'sexting' at local secondary school 2017

Article #43: Communication Key To Childhood Cybersecurity 2017

Article #44: Staying Safe Online 2017

Article #45: Students Get Schooled on Social Media, Ontario 2017

Article #46: What age for cellphones, October 2017


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2017 BC Social Innovations Youth Award

The BC Government & Radius SFU awarded Brandon, with the 2017 BC Social Innovations Youth Award for his work and advocacy with youth, tweens, teens and adults in the areas of Social Media Safety and Digital Literacy

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Awarded 2015 Telus Outstanding Canadian Police Officer/Program

A National award that recognizes individuals, programs or organizations that have made a significant impact towards keeping Canadians safer online.

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BC Community Achievement Award


Awarded to Darren and Beth Laur for presenting Internet and Social Media Safety programs to tens of thousands of junior and senior students, teachers, parents and the wider community. Their commitment to providing critical information regarding cyber-bullying and internet safety has had a positive and significant impact.


2014 Canadian Order Of Merit

The Governor General of Canada appointed Darren a Member of the Order of Merit of the Police Forces. Awarded to Darren for his exceptional merit and contributions in his policing career, community service, and his unique work with youth in both online and offline safety.

2013 Social Media "Derek K Miller" Award Winner

Most Inspiring Social Media Users For The Work That We Do In The Area Of Internet & Social Media Safety Training Both Here In Canada And The United States

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safe schools

Wow, very honoured that we were nominated for a 2013

"Heroes of a Safe and Caring World Award"

for our work in schools and communities in the area of Internet and Social Media Safety


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