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Our Internet/Social Media Safety Blog and Book:

The "Digital Sheepdog" Internet/Social Media Safety Blog

Our Internet and Social Media Safety Book

How To Make Surfing Safer For Your Kids

Monitoring Software Computer/Laptops

Spector Pro

Net Nanny 

Monitoring Software Cell Phones


Mobile Watch Dog

Net Nanny Mobile

McGruff Safeguard Browser (iPhone, iPad, iTouch)

MamaBear (iPhone)

AVG for iPhone

Safe Eyes Mobile for iPhone

What Parents Need To Know About Cell Phones and Smartphones

Anti-Texting and Driving Software App's

Drive Safe Mode

Anti-Virus Software Computer/ Laptops




Sophos (for Mac)

Virus Barrier X6 (For Mac)

Anti-Virus Software Cell Phones:



How To Lock Your Phones

iPhone, Android And Blackberry

Windows 8 Phone

How To Decypher Internet/Chat Lingo:


No Slang

50 Internet Acronyms Every Parent Should Know


The King Of Kings

Cleaning Your Facebook Page

Trusted Friends

Recovering From A Facebook Hack

How Are Scammers Using Facebook

Untagging a Picture

How To Hide A Picture II

How To Set Up Timeline Privacy Settings

Timeline Privacy Settings Video

A Virtual Gold Mine For Creepers

What Can A Creeper See On My Facebook Page

Opting Out Of FB Facial Recognition

How Criminals Target Facebook

Reporting Abuse on Facebook

Reporting ABuse on Facebook part II

How To Edit A Facebook Comment


How To Set Up Google Alerts

How To Set Up Google Safe Search

Surrendering Our Privacy


Twitter By Cyberwise

If Your Twitter Account Has Been Hacked

Parental Controls

Check To See If Your Password Is Strong

How To Set Up Safety Settings on iPod

How To Set Window 8 Family Safety

How To Make WiiU safer

How to make Kindle Fire Safe

Webfilter Pro For Chrome And Firefox

How To Turn Off Cellphone Geo-tagging

iPhone, iTouch and iPad Security Settings

Setting Up Mac Parental Controls

Windows Parental Controls

XBox Parental/Security Controls

Wii Parental/Securty Controls

YouTube Safety Mode

Child Safety App

How Kids Hide Their On-Line Activity From Parents

How To Diasble In-app purchases on Apple and Android Devices

The Changing Functionality of Apps: Parents Be Aware

Safer Child Social Networks:




Club Penguin


FrankTown Rocks


Zooduh (safer email for kids)

Learn How To Use The Most Popular Social Networks



23 Most Popular Social Networking Scams

Teach Parents Tech

Digital Peer Aggression (Cyber-Bullying)

Digital Peer Aggression

Do Schools Have A Part To Play

Digital Peer Aggression, Sexting, Luring, Voyeurism and the Canadian Law


Sexting The Who, What, Where, How and Why


Sexting and College Students

Sexting, Some Thoughts From a Father, Internet Safety Advocate and Law Enforcement Officer

Sexting, some new 2012 Research

How Parents Can Mitigate The Risk Of Their Child Becoming Involved in Sexually Inapproprate On-line Behaviour

Internet Predation

The Internet Predator Part I

The Internet Predator Part II

The Internet Predator Part III

The Danger Of Cappers

Internet Pornography

Internet Pornography

On-Line Gaming

On-Line Gaming

How To Secure Gmail, Outlook Mail and Yahoo Mail

Using webmail safely

Teacher/School Resources

Best iPad App's For Teachers


Indispensable EdTech Tools for 2012

50 Educational Tech Resources

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) School Resources

Computer and Tech Support Greater Victoria

If you live in the Greater Victoria area, and are looking for support specific to computer and software assistance at a very reasonable price, we recommend a company called Gataca

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Police Departments In B.C. Emergency/Non-Emergency

Reporting A Cyber Crime

Kids Help Phone

Missing Kids

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