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Child, Youth, and School Safety

As a parent, you can easily become overwhelmed and fixated with keeping your child safe, especially after reading or watching the local or national news. The unfortuante reality is we do live in a world where “some” may want to prey upon our children. Our child safety seminars however, are not about becoming victims disabled by fear and paranoia, but rather about becoming victors, more “empowered” by knowledge and preparedness, which is a very important distinction to make. As parents, it is impossible to keep our children safe all the time, but with the information contained in our very popular child safety seminars, we can make them safer, and less of a target to those who may want to prey upon their innocence.

PPS, for several years now, has been invited to participate in safety awareness and self-protection training at the elementary, middle and high school level. Once a youth begins to spread their wings and becomes more independent, it is important that they also become more aware of the potential safety threats that they could be confronted with, while they are “out there” enjoying and experiencing the real world. Awareness is the key to personal safety. PPS provides students with real world information in an "enlightening" rather than "frightening" way, which will increase their situational awareness, thus minimizing their risks of becoming a victim of a violent crime

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