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Safe Kids For Parents (Abduction Prevention)

This seminar is designed to give you, the parent or guardian, the ability to “Keep your child Informed, Defensible, and Safer”, by providing you with the information that you need to know to keep your child safer.  Our motto is “Enlighten not Frighten”. Often we as parents teach our children about safety based upon what our parents taught us, which is usually dated and not based upon actual peer reviewed research. This seminar is designed to provide parents with the most "up to date” peer reviewed information available specific to abduction prevention. Topics covered in this seminar include:

  • Current Stats and facts specific to abduction and sexual exploitation
  • Who is the abductor
  • How can we protect our children from stranger abduction
  • Why teaching “stranger danger” does not work
  • The “Lures” used to trick our children
  • What about hands on self protection
  • Walking to and from school
  • What if my child does go missing
  • Safety rules for the new millennium
  • Parental responsibilities for child safety

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Here's a video that graphically demonstrates why teaching a child to just yell "this isn't my dad, this isn't my mom" is old thinking and just doesn't work:

In our Safe K.I.D.S for parents program, we will provide parents with a very effective technique that they should be teaching their children should, God forbid, something like what happened in the video happen to their child.

Here's a video showing a GREAT example of what a child should do, God forbid, they are actually grabbed by an abductor:

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Group Rate $250.00 (rate includes all taxes)

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**Special Offer**: book both Parent's 1 and Parent's 2 program, and save $50.00 off each program.

Prices listed reflect programs delivered in the Greater Victoria area.  For those who are interested in our programs outside of Greater Victoria, please contact us directly for a quote

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