Total Awareness 4

Total Awareness Personal Safety 4 hours Presentation

This four hour safety seminar builds upon our 3 hour program, and is designed to provide participants with even more “Personal Awareness Strategies” that will help to reduce the risks of becoming a victim of violence or a street crime. Topic areas covered in this seminar include:

  • Where will an attack most likely occur
  • Who is your attacker and why do they attack
  • Reducing the risks of being attacked
  • What an attacker’s primary tool is and how you can take this advantage away
  • How to increase your situational awareness
  • The six types of street interviews that an attacker will use to see if you are a safe target
  • Your 4 tactical response options to an attack
  • Why safety whistles, personal alarms and pepper sprays may not work to stop an attacker
  • Why you must never leave the primary crime scene and go with an attacker
  • What to do if attacked
  • What are the common “Date Rape” drugs, and how to protect yourself from them
  • Using the emotion of “Fear” to your advantage
  • What to do if you have been sexually assaulted
  • The Canadian law as it relates to self defence
  • Safety strategies for: home and apartments, walking alone, cars and parking lots, road rage, ATM machines, public transit, elevators, harassing telephone calls, plus much much more

Seminar Length:

4 hours

Seminar Cost:

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Class Size: 


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