How To Set Parental Controls For Cellphones/Smartphones

Given the popularity of Mobile Media here are some links that all parents should be aware of that will help you to secure and protect your child’s cell phone: 


Blackberry Phones:


iPhone, iPads, iTouch:


iPhone and iPad: Settings > General > Restrictions > Switch “On/Off” down the list for content, games, web browsing and everything else you want to restrict.


Android Phones:


Android: Google Play Store > Menu > Settings > User Controls > Content Filtering. Tick any of the boxes next to the ratings listed above that you think are appropriate.


Windows Phone:


Windows: Start (or Windows) button > Control Panel > User Accounts > Family Safety > Parental Controls. You can create new accounts for each teen, set time limits and control games and content.


How to lock your iPhone, Android, Blackberry



What every parent needs to know about cellphones:


Other Internet and Social Media safety resources for parents and educators:



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